About Us


The Company

Esmeralda Breeding was established in 1999, and from that moment on we have been devoted to creating, developing, and researching ornamental varieties. Our laboratories and experimental areas are located in Ecuador and Colombia.

Esmeralda Breeding is a subsidiary of  parent company Tecnoviv, which controls the sale of royalties in Ecuador, Colombia, Japan and Korea. We also work with other agencies to extend our business globally.


Intellectual Property

We protect our commercial varieties internationally through patents and breeders’ rights  before being introduced to the market.


Genetic improvement and Biotechnology

Esmeralda Breeding makes thousands of crosses per year, producing numerous seedlings that go through a selective process, and contribute to the genetic improvement of a wide range of ornamental crops. The process of evaluation and  variety selection is carried out in farms located in Ecuador, Colombia, and Mexico.

 We ensure  all  selected varieties meet  strict requirements based on productivity, agronomic behavior, plague and disease tolerance, durability, and longevity.

To date, we  grow more than 100 commercial varieties with more coming soon.      



With our distinctive and profitable varieties we are creating for the future at an international level. 


Our Secret

In our laboratory, approximately  100 breeding specialists use conventional breeding methods and modern laboratory techniques to create new flower varieties.

We attribute the success of Esmeralda Breeding to the commitment of our team of collaborators, advanced technology, and visionary mentality.