V.I.PINK$ 2020’s variety

With an intense pink color, long stem, and considerable vase life, V.I.PINK$ , developed by Esmeralda Breeding, will soon be available worldwide.

Nowadays, there is no variety that resembles or matches the VIPink tone, which transforms it into a unique and appreciated rose in the market for 2020 due to its quality, use and profitability.

Esmeralda Breeding, with its creation of varieties that impact the world, generated a new rose that stands out among the family of the hot pink and without a doubt its value proposition, is its tonality.

After several years of dedication, complemented with cutting-edge technology, have helped us obtain a rose that promises in its launch to the world, to meet the highest standards of buyers for its aesthetics, beauty, quality and capacity to be part of each holiday.

The importance of this rose that contrasts the tenderness of pink tones with the essence of a sweet, is what projects us to enjoy to the maximum a new trend in pink roses next year.

Be part of the trend in roses #VIPINK!